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In order to submit your manuscript at KEDI Journal of Educational Policy (KJEP) you need to register by creating an account (account creation is for free). Please carefully read the following Terms and Conditions of Use (the “Terms of Use”) and agree to all of them.

KJEP Website Terms of Use

Chapter 1. General Provisions

Article 1. Purpose
The purpose of these Terms of Use of Korean Educational Development Institute (hereinafter referred to as “KEDI”) is to set forth and comply with the policies relevant to the use of the KJEP member information services (hereinafter referred collectively to as ‘service’) by its customers (hereinafter referred collectively to as ‘members’) as enforced by the Telecommunications Business Act, the Enforcement Decree of the Telecommunications Business Act and ‘Personal Information Management Guidelines’

Article 2. Effects and Changes of Terms of Use
  • These Terms of Use will be in effect when the ‘member’ clicks “I agree” button to the question of “Do you agree to the Terms of Use?”
  • “KEDI” reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove elements of these Terms of Use at any time. Terms of Use with changes will be announced to the ‘member’ for 7 days before the day of implementation. The changes made to the Terms of Use will be in effect on the day of implementation.
  • If the ‘member’ does not agree to the Terms of Use with changes, the ‘member’ may halt the use of ‘service’ and delete the account of the member. If the ‘member’ continues to use ‘service’ after the changes to Terms of Use, the ‘member’ will be seen to have accepted and agreed to the changes.
Article 3. Definitions of Terminologies

The following are the definitions of terminologies used in these Terms of Use.

  • User: a person who receives the service provided by the English website of Korean Educational Development Institute in accordance with these Terms of Use
  • Registration (or account creation): an act of filling out information on a form provided by Korean Educational Development Institute and sealing a user agreement by accepting and agreeing to these Terms of Use
  • Member: a person or a group of people who have provided personal information to Korean Educational Development Institute through membership registration, also referred to as account creation, and can therefore use the service provided by KJEP website
  • Password: a combination of letters and numbers selected by a user to verify whether the user and the member ID align and to protect the user’s confidentiality
  • Account Deletion: an act of terminating user agreement by a user. (etcetera)
Article 4. Matters Not Specified in Terms of Use

Relevant laws and commercial practices will be pursued for the matters not specified in these Terms of Use.

Chapter 2. Registration and Use of Service
Article 5. User Agreement

‘KEDI’ will approve the use of ‘service’ whereas ‘member’ will accept and agree to Terms of Use.

Article 6. Application for the Use of Service
  • User information must be filled out on a short form provided by ‘KEDI’ and submitted in order to use the service.
  • The information filled out on the application form will be perceived as real data. A user who submits false information will not be legally protected.
Article 7. Approval of Application for the Use of Service
  • ‘KEDI’ approves the use of ‘service’ when ‘member’ fills out all required fields appropriately. However, the following cases are exceptions under which applications may be rejected.
    • Using a pseudonym, or any name that is not a legal name
    • Filling out false information on the application for the use of service
    • Submitting application to harm social well-being or public morals
    • Meeting not the requirements of application for the use of service set by ‘KEDI’
    • Being a child under 14 years of age without an approval from a parent or a legal guardian
  • The following are required fields of information member should fill out. Required Fields of Information:
Article 8. Changes in Agreement and Retention of Information/Period of Use
  • ‘Member’ should revise online if there have been some changes to the information previously filled out on the application for the use of ‘service’.
  • ‘KEDI’ reserves the right to retain and use the information of ‘member’ from the moment of the registration.
  • ‘KEDI’ can no longer use the information of ‘member’ from the moment the member chooses to delete the account. However, ‘KEDI’ may retain the information of ‘member’ for 20 days since the deletion of account for protection of personal information.
Article 9. Collection of Personal Information via Cookies
  • ‘KEDI’ will transfer cookies to user’s personal computer in order to provide customized service.
  • User may allow cookie transfers to conveniently use the service with once-and-for-all log in.
  • Cookies are used to identify user characteristics when the user visits KEDI websites.
  • User may adjust options of the web browser to selectively accept cookies. When cookie transfers are denied, the user may not be able to use services that require log in.
Chapter 3. Rescission of Agreement
Article 10. Rescission
  • To delete an account, ‘member’ may go to ‘Delete Account’ menu in My Page.
Article 11. Disqualification

In the following cases, ‘KEDI’ reserves the right to suspend a use of service within a specific time period or without a prior notice.

  • Omitting ‘basic information’ of the Clause 2 of Article 6
  • Registering with false information
  • Using other person’s ID and password
  • Infringing on the intellectual property of ’KEDI’ or a third party
  • Submitting application to harm social well-being or public morals
  • Having a bad credit score in accordance with the ‘Act on the Use and Protection of Credit Information’ for PC communication and internet service
  • Harming or causing damages to the reputation of others
Chapter 4. Responsibilities
Article 12. Responsibilities of ‘KEDI’
  • ‘KEDI’ may share information of ‘member’ with other affiliated sites to ensure convenience of ‘member’. This means that ‘KEDI’ may transfer cookies to the computers of ‘member’.
  • ‘KEDI’ does not disclose or distribute personal information of ‘member’, which it has accumulated through providing ‘service’, to third parties without the consent of ‘member’. However, the following cases are exceptions.
    Having some specific regulations under Act on Real Name Financial Transactions and Confidentiality, Credit Information Use and Protection Act, Framework Act on Telecommunications, Telecommunications Business Act, Local Tax Act, Act on Consumer Protection, Bank of Korea Act, Criminal Procedure Act, and so on.

    Providing personal information for statistics/academic research, or market research but in a form in which particular persons cannot be identified
  • ‘KEDI’ may use all or a portion of the information of ‘member’ for statistical purposes.
  • ‘KEDI’ will strive to provide a sustainable and secure ‘service’ and to repair and restore the ‘service’ when the provision of ‘service’ is inevitably interrupted. However, ‘KEDI’ may suspend either temporarily or permanently the provision of a service if ‘KEDI’ thinks it necessary or in the events of natural disasters, emergencies and regular system inspection.
Article 13. Consent to the Use of Information of ‘Member’
  • Consent of ‘member’ according to Article 13 will be in effect when ‘member’ clicks on apply-to-use-the-information-service button on the page for these Terms of Use and member information and registration.
Article 14. Responsibilities of Member
  • ‘Member’ is responsible for the member’s ‘ID and password.
  • ‘Member’ should not in any form let others use the member’s ID.
  • ‘Member’ must inform ‘KEDI’ if there has been unauthorized use of the member’s ID.
  • ‘Member’ cannot use data posted on the website for profit-making activities.
  • ‘Member’ should accept to receive notification emails from ‘KEDI’.
Chapter 5. Compensation for Damage and Indemnity
Article 15. Responsibility

‘KEDI’, in relation to the use of ‘service’, does not accept any liabilities for damages incurred to ‘member’ unless there has been intentional harm or gross negligence done by ‘KEDI’.
‘KEDI’ does not bear any guarantees or responsibility for the suitability, accuracy, timeliness, or reliability of information, products, services, software, graphics, audio, and video clips related to the use of ‘service’.

Article 16. indemnity

In a situation in which ‘KEDI’ suspends ‘service’ due to natural disasters or inevitable circumstances, ‘KEDI’ does not accept liabilities to the problems caused upon ‘member’.

Article 17. Competent Court

When a lawsuit related to the use of ‘service’ is filed, the court having jurisdiction over the location of ‘KEDI’ or the court in accordance with the Civil Procedure Act of the Republic of Korea will be the competent court.
The law of Republic of Korea applies to the interpretation and application as well as the resolution of disputes of these Terms of Use.

Do you agree with the above terms and conditions

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Purpose for collecting and using personal information
  • To enhance the quality of service for member
  • To identify and verify the intention for membership registration for the use of service
    (Children under 14 years of age are not eligible for membership registration)
  • To make announcements on new services and other relevant information
  • To efficiently provide quality service, and etc.
Personal Information Collected

Required fields of information: E-mail, password, name, academic degree, position, institution and country or region

Period for Retention and Use of Personal Information (Based on Legal or Internal Documents)

Once registered, personal information will be retained for two years before asking for re-consent.

Rights to Refuse and Limited Features

We would like to inform our users that they may refuse our collection and use of their personal information. Refusing our data collection and use, however, will limit some features of membership registration

Do you agree with the above terms and conditions