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Vol. 20 | (2)
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The Mediating Effect of School Climate in the Relationship Between School Principals’ Learning-Centered Leadership and Teacher Professional Learning in Türkiye
School principals’ learning-centered leadership, teacher professional learning, school climate, teacher perceptions, Türkiye 


This study aimed to explore the relationship between school principals’ learning-centered leadership (LCL) and teacher professional learning (TPL) and the mediating effect of school climate (SC) on this relationship. The sample consisted of 500 middle and secondary school teachers working at urban schools in a large province in the Mediterranean region of Turkiye. A causal relation model was employed. The results indicated that school principals’ LCL affected TPL both directly and indirectly. LCL had a statistically significant and positive effect on SC. SC was detected to have a positive and significant effect on TPL. Furthermore, LCL had a positive and significant effect on TPL, and SC had a partial mediating effect on the relationship between LCL and TPL. The study recommends further research on a multilevel analysis of teacher individual variables and organizational variables to explore the linkage between LCL, TPL, and SC.