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The long-term effects of an international teaching practicum: The development of personal and professional competences of Korean pre-service teachers Youn Ock Kim, Soyoung Yun, & Yang Hwan Sol attached file
Managing conflicting values: Efficiency and equity trade-off in education reform Suyun Choi, Il Hwan Chung, & Jongmin Shon attached file
Policy analysis frameworks: A phenomenological study of education policy researchers’ practices Halime Ozturk-Calikoglu, & Osman Cekic attached file
The trajectory of learning-centered English class and its instructional effectiveness: Using a curve-of-factors model Young Kyo Oh attached file
Adaptive learning system in a statistics course: An experience in Korea and its implications Dongseok Kim attached file
The mediating effects of job satisfaction and organisational justice on the relationship between principals' management style and teachers' organisational citizenship behaviour: Turkey sample Müslim Alanoglu & Songul Karabatak attached file
Toward mindful development of action learning in business education Gang Chen, Yanmei Zhang, Xin Zheng, & Mingji Xu attached file
Nurturing the global competence of high school students in Shenzhen: The impact of school-based global learning education, knowledge, and family income Kwok Kuen Tsang, Hing Kwan To, & Raymond K. H. Chan attached file
Structural relationship among environment, motivation, engagement and transfer of training of teachers in distance education Hye-Sook Kim & Shin-Bok Yu attached file
The relationship of high school teachers‘ political skills to their career satisfaction: The mediating role of personal reputation Tuncer Fidan & Mehmet Hilmi Koç attached file
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