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The effect of covid-19 pandemic on university education: Adoption of e-learning and testing the technology acceptance model Bahar Akın, Hasan Boztoprak, Yıldız Yılmaz Guzey & Murat Suslu attached file
Academic inbreeding as a hiring policy: Capturing the voices of academics from Turkey Nihan Demirkasimoglu & Hilal Buyukgoz attached file
Examining academic synergies from international collaborations: The South Korean context Don Dong-hyun Lee & Soon-jeong Cho attached file
Development of global citizenship in international student exchange programs in ASEAN+3 countries: The mediating role of host university academic experiences Hee Sun Kim, Kiyong Byun, Ee Gyeong Kim, HyeJeong Kim, Jae-Eun Jon, Eko Hari Purnomo, Nordiana Mohd Nordin, Romyen Kosaikanon & Ngo Tu Lap attached file
Determining the changes needed to improve classroom assessment: An analysis of secondary schools in Pakistan Syed Kamran Ali Shah, Muqaddas Butt, Ayaz Muhammad Khan & Zahida Habib attached file
Professional socialization strategies of teacher candidates based on social characteristics Asiye Toker Gokce attached file
Spirituality can make a difference: The impact of principals’ spiritual leadership on teachers’ psychological capital and organizational commitment in high-school environment Chuan-Chung Hsieh, Hui-Chieh Li, & Si-Hsien Lin attached file
Does career guidance narrow the aspiration gap? Socioeconomic status and occupational aspirations of school children Youngah Cho & Seung-Hwan Ham attached file
Reflections on the role of indigenous principals of Taiwan: The pendulum of ancestral souls and modern standards Chieh-Chen Wang, Huan-Kan Tseng, Jung-Cheng Chen, Hui-Chieh Li, & Chuan-Chung Hsieh attached file
Corrigendum to: A critical validation of high-stakes testing: Lessons from the effect of high school exit exam policy on rigorous mathematics coursework in the United States Chungseo Kang & Hyunmyung Jo attached file
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