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Vol. 16 | (2)
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Profile analysis of Korean high school students’ core competencies and their correlations with academic achievement
2015 Revised National Curriculum, high school students’ core competencies, profile analysis, academic achievement, correlation analysis 

This study identified the core competencies and the patterns of Korean high school
students through Prototypical Profiles via Multidimensional Scaling (PAMS) and analyzed
the correlation between the students’ core competencies and academic achievement. The
data of 274 students in one typical high school were used. The core competencies were
measured by the Six Core Competencies Measurement Scale for High School Students in
Korea (SCCMS) developed based on the 2015 Revised National Curriculum. As academic
achievements, three subject (Korean, math, and English) scores from National Academic
Achievement Test (NAAT) were collected. Of six competency levels, the students’
‘community competency’ level was the highest, but their ‘aesthetic emotion competency’
level was the lowest. The PAMS analysis revealed the presence of two prototypical profiles,
‘cognition-oriented’ type and ‘affection-oriented’ type. And the core competencies showed
marginal correlation with academic achievement. Based on these findings, the need for
‘tailored teaching and learning strategies’ and ‘appropriate assessment methods’ for
competency-based education was discussed.