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Contradiction, mediation, and school change: An analysis of the pedagogical practices in the Hyukshin School in South Korea Youl-Kwan Sung, Yoonmi Lee, & Il-Seon Choi attached file
Do time and cost students spend on private tutoring contribute to improving their achievement in English and Mathematics? Min-Sun Kim, Il-Woo Paik, & Jung-Joon Ihm attached file
Volume.13, No.1 KEDI Journal of Educational Policy 13(1), Published in June, 2016 by Korean Educational Development Institute, Seoul, Korea attached file
A storytelling program to promote the social integration of multicultural groups in South Korea Yoon Young Kim attached file
Investigating the role of multicultural education and democratic values on LGBT attitudes of preservice teachers Murat Ozdemir & Hilal Buyukgoze attached file
Evaluating the effect of the adoption of English as the default language on a homepage for a university in a non-English speaking university Han-Chiang Ho, Ling Ling Lee, & Ben K. Agyei-Mensah attached file
Understanding the academic career acknowledgement system for adult learners from the RPL perspective Jihye Lee, Joon Heo, & Jihyun Kim attached file
One Year or Two? The impact of Head Start enrollment duration on academic achievement Minjong Youn attached file
Beyond neo-liberalism: Higher education diploma inflation in Taiwan Robin J. Chen & Joseph M. Chin attached file
Volume.12, No.2 KEDI Journal of Educational Policy 12(2), Published in December, 2015 by Korean Educational Development Institute, Seoul, Korea attached file
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