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Effect of acceptance-based interventions regarding possible negative outcomes of career uncertainty on the career exploration process of Korean college students Ara Lee & Kayhyon Kim attached file
New patterns of governance in higher education: Predictors of the shift toward academic capitalism Sue-Yeon Song attached file
From a multicultural lens: Developing a university course in South Korea to examine the experiences of North Koreans Andrea Rakushin Lee & Jennifer Lee attached file
Evaluation in support of school counseling in Korea: A proposal Sang Min Lee & Mike Trevisan attached file
Principal leadership and students’ achievement: Mediated pathways of professional community and teachers’ instructional practices Nedim Ozdemir attached file
Towards reasonable efficiency in degree production: A method for benchmarking the educational expenditures of postsecondary institutions Aaron S. Horn, Giljae Lee, Sungtae Jang, & Jungmi Lee attached file
Analysis of bachelor’s degree curricula through Item Response Theory and Association Rules Hayette Khaled, Pablo Gregori, & Raphael Couturier attached file
The influence of standardized testing pressure on teachers’ working environment Minjong Youn attached file
Bridging social justice literacies: Elementary teachers’ beliefs about the goals of multicultural education Hyunhee Cho & Jinyoung Choi attached file
Pull factors influencing enrollment of Mainland Chinese students in Taiwanese universities: An empirical analysis Joseph Meng­-Chun Chin, Hsin-­Chih Lin, Wei-Cheng Chien, & Cheng-Joo Eng attached file
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