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Cumulative disadvantage of college mismatch from college admission to graduation in the United States Chungseo Kang attached file
Urban zoning and inequality in access to literacy: A case study of Kazakhstan Аidyn Аldaberdikyzy, Zhanna Kuzembekova, Perizat Medetbekova & Dameli Kapanova attached file
Understanding predictor effects of computational thinking skills and media and technology use and attitudes of pre-service teachers for STEM awareness Rıdvan Ata & Mustafa Cevik attached file
Small frog in a big pond vs. big frog in a small pond: Actual vs. perceived achievement gaps among Korean, Korean-American and American students Jaekyung Lee & Namsook Kim attached file
Profile analysis of Korean high school students’ core competencies and their correlations with academic achievement Sun-Geun Baek, Seung-Hye Yoon, Anna Shin, Jooyoung Son, & Yun-Kyung Kim attached file
Teacher stress factors and performance in high schools in Ecuador Esteban Vazquez-Cano & Ana Isabel Holgueras-Gonzalez attached file
Are the procedures of recruiting and selecting developing countries’ officials for scholarship programs fair?: The examination of the KOICA Master’s degree program Kyuwon Kang attached file
How motivations for teaching in South Korean primary schools are mediated by the local context Ian Moodie attached file
Parents’ marital disruption and children’s educational aspiration in Korea Keuntae Kim, Jeong-Yoon Jang, & Doohwan Kim attached file
Seeking the meaning of quality education: Paradigm changes from the 1960s to the 2010s Sung-Sang Yoo, Da Jung Jung, Heesu Yang, Esoul Moon, & Yoonjung Hwang attached file
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