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The changing value of college education in Korea: Focusing on its heterogeneous wage returns across birth cohorts (1956-1986) Yool Choi, Harris Hyun-Soo Kim, & Doo Hwan Kim attached file
Internationalization by English-Medium Instruction? Professors’ decoupling behaviors to EMI policy in Korean higher education Jae-Eun Jon, Young Ha Cho, & Kiyong Byun attached file
An activity theory analysis of Korean secondary vocational education curriculum: A case study of Electronics and Media Meister high school Jiyoung Kim & Hyewon Park attached file
Primary schools’ initiatives and challenges in cultivating sustainable reading habits among pupils in Tanzania William A. L. Anangisye attached file
Investigation of the relationship between students’ academic achievement and schools’ leadership capacity: An analysis of lower secondary schools in Turkey Gulay Aslan attached file
Cumulative disadvantage of college mismatch from college admission to graduation in the United States Chungseo Kang attached file
Urban zoning and inequality in access to literacy: A case study of Kazakhstan Аidyn Аldaberdikyzy, Zhanna Kuzembekova, Perizat Medetbekova & Dameli Kapanova attached file
Understanding predictor effects of computational thinking skills and media and technology use and attitudes of pre-service teachers for STEM awareness Rıdvan Ata & Mustafa Cevik attached file
Small frog in a big pond vs. big frog in a small pond: Actual vs. perceived achievement gaps among Korean, Korean-American and American students Jaekyung Lee & Namsook Kim attached file
Profile analysis of Korean high school students’ core competencies and their correlations with academic achievement Sun-Geun Baek, Seung-Hye Yoon, Anna Shin, Jooyoung Son, & Yun-Kyung Kim attached file
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