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Understanding the adoption of mobile-learning in South Korea: Using the integrated technology acceptance analysis HeeTae Kim & SangJib Kwon attached file
Private elementary schooling and achievement gains in South Korea Soo-yong Byun, Hee Jin Chung, & Jee Bin Ahn attached file
How are home literacy environment and youth’s academic performance associated? What South and North Korean parental involvement reveals Jeongsuk Jang, Rauno Parrila, & Tomohiro Inoue attached file
Practice and reflection of principals’ transformative curriculum leadership in a Taiwan KIST school Huan Kan Tseng, Chuan Chung Hsieh, & Robin Jung Cheng Chen attached file
A critical validation of high-stakes testing: Lessons from the effect of high school exit exam policy on rigorous mathematics coursework in the United States [This article has been corrected] Chungseo Kang & Hyunmyung Jo attached file
The long-term effects of an international teaching practicum: The development of personal and professional competences of Korean pre-service teachers Youn Ock Kim, Soyoung Yun, & Yang Hwan Sol attached file
Managing conflicting values: Efficiency and equity trade-off in education reform Suyun Choi, Il Hwan Chung, & Jongmin Shon attached file
Policy analysis frameworks: A phenomenological study of education policy researchers’ practices Halime Ozturk-Calikoglu, & Osman Cekic attached file
The trajectory of learning-centered English class and its instructional effectiveness: Using a curve-of-factors model Young Kyo Oh attached file
Adaptive learning system in a statistics course: An experience in Korea and its implications Dongseok Kim attached file
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