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The impact of Korea’s National Scholarship program on college students’ academic achievement Pilnam Yi attached file
Volume.11, No.1 KEDI Journal of Educational Policy 11(1), Published in June, 2014 by Korean Educational Development Institute, Seoul, Korea attached file
Relating development to quality of education: A study on the World Bank’s neoliberal policy discourse in education Rino Wiseman Adhikary attached file
Variables that explain changes in institutional rank in U.S. News & World Report rankings Giljae Lee, Thomas Sanford & Jungmi Lee attached file
Relevance of the general guidelines of standard curriculum for Korean language schools operating in the context of the state of Florida Chae Hyeong Park attached file
Two alternative models on the relationships between organizational justice, organizational commitment, burnout, and job satisfaction of education supervisors Mehmet Karakus, Mehmet Ustuner & Mustafa Toprak attached file
Quality management for universities’ transnational education in Taiwan: An ISO 9004-based evaluation approach Pi-Yun Chen attached file
Evaluating the effectiveness of research centers and institutes in universities: Disciplines and life cycle stages Deokro Lee, Soyoung Kim & Sung-Hyun Cha attached file
Volume.10, No.2 KEDI Journal of Educational Policy 10(2), Published in December, 2013 by Korean Educational Development Institute, Seoul, Korea attached file
Cross-border higher education in China in the globalized world: The perspective of the World Trade Organization’s general agreement on trade in services Xiaozhou Xu & Yue Kan attached file
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