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Shadow education in Chongqing, China: Factors underlying demand and policy implications Wei Zhang & Mark Bray attached file
Relationships among multicultural sensitivity, multicultural education awareness, and level of multicultural education practice of South Korean teachers Ho-Kyung Huh, Seong Woo Choi, & JuSung Jun attached file
Volume.11, No.2 KEDI Journal of Educational Policy 11(2), Published in December, 2014 by Korean Educational Development Institute, Seoul, Korea attached file
Relationship between university brand personality and student behavioral loyalty Mohammad Reza Karimi Alavijeh, Morteza Rezaee, & Vahid Hosseinabadi attached file
The effects of private tutoring and parenting behaviors on children's academic achievement in Korea: Are there differences between low- and high-income groups? Bong Joo Lee, Hyun Suk Jwa, & Se Hee Lim attached file
The impact of an innovative school climate on teachers’ knowledge creation activities in Korean schools: The mediating role of teachers’ knowledge sharing and work engagement Ji Hoon Song, Woocheol Kim, Dae Seok Chai, & Sang Hoon Bae attached file
United States teachers’ emotional labor and professional identities Elizabeth Levine Brown, Christy Galleta Horner, Mary Margaret Kerr, & Christina L. Scanlon attached file
Who should become a superintendent? An analysis of stakeholders’ perceptions in South Korea Ee-gyeong Kim, Cha-young Lee, Minjoo Rah, Sang-wan Park, & Insim Park attached file
The influence of personal and socio-environmental factors on juvenile delinquency in Korea Seungah Oh, & Junho Ryu attached file
Investigating priorities of engineering disciplines for addressing the technical needs of Iranian society using the Analytic Hierarchy Process Behrooz Minaei Bidgoli, Somayeh Farhang Adib, & Samira Yousefi Naghani attached file
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