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Vol. 18 | (2)
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A critical validation of high-stakes testing: Lessons from the effect of high school exit exam policy on rigorous mathematics coursework in the United States
high school exit exams, exit testing policy, school accountability, high-stakes test, mathematics coursework  


This study examines the impact of the exit testing policy on students’ advanced-level course-taking in mathematics in the United States. Using three cohorts of a national dataset, we conducted a difference-in-difference model to reveal whether using high school exit exam policies contributes to students’ completion of rigorous coursework in mathematics. The analysis shows no evidence that the probability of students completing Algebra II or above and Precalculus or above increased in states with high school exit exam policies. With regard to the expanding trend of rigorous high school exit exam requirements across the United States, this study suggests a need to revisit the effects of high school exit exam policies and offers critical insight into their risk.