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Vol. 16 | (2)
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Effect of acceptance-based interventions regarding possible negative outcomes of career uncertainty on the career exploration process of Korean college students
career indecision, career counseling, career education, career uncertainty, acceptance-based intervention 


The purpose of this study was to explore the effects of an acceptance-based
intervention on the career exploration process of Korean college students. For this, 82
Korean college students participated in the experimental study. The participants read a
potential negative outcome scenario related to their career decision, and received a
randomly assigned intervention (acceptance vs avoidance). Then they sequentially engaged
in the career exploration task, the emotional stroop task, and the free recall task. We found
that the acceptance-based intervention group sought out more negative career information
and decided their career path more quickly than the avoidance-based intervention group.
Additionally, the acceptance-based intervention group showed less attention bias to
career-related threat words and remembered more career information than the
avoidance-based intervention.