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Visit from Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC), UAE
1. Date : November 22, 2016
2. Venue : Conference Room 1, KEDI
3. Participants
- Delegation : H.E Dr. Karima Al Mazrouei (Executive Director, ADEC), Dr. Amer Al Kindi (Division Manager of Health and Wellness, ADEC), Dr. Mona Al Ameri (Division Manager of Students' Special Needs, ADEC), Mrs. Lubna Al Shamsi (Division head of School Staff Recruitment, ADEC), Mrs. Rasha Ali (Section Manager of Licensing and accreditation of Private School, ADEC), Dr. Fat'hya Al Ahmad (Senior Specialist of Curriculum, ADEC), Mrs. Najwa Al Kathairi (School Principal), Mrs. Ayesha Al Shamsi (School Principal), Mrs. Amna Al Dhahiri (School Principal), Mr. Mohamed Al Naqbi (School Principal), Mrs. Ayesha AlHammadi (Vice Principal), Ms. Soojin Kim (Embassy of The United Arab Emirates)
- KEDI : Dr. Chaechun Gim (President), Dr. Mi-Kyung Chung, Dr. Ju-Ah Kim, Dr. So-hyun Im, Dr. Hyejin Kim, Ms. Jieun Kim, Ms. Hyunjung Byeon, Ms. Seonhee Kang