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Meeting between KEDI and UIS
1. Date: 15:00, Wednesday, 5 December, 2012
2. Venue: KEDI Conference Room 2
3. Participants:
UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS)
Hendrik van der Pol, Director
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST)
Mr. Hong Sun Cho, Education Statistics Division
Korean Educational Development Institute (KEDI)
Dr. Tae-Wan Kim, President
Dr. Young Hae Kang, Director-General, Center for Educational Statistics
Dr. Sung Bin Moon, Research fellow, Center for Educational Statistics
Dr. Chong Min Kim, Research fellow, Office of Educational System and Welfare Research
Ms. Hye-Young Park, Director, Office of International Cooperation
Ms. Jieun Kim, Program specialist, Office of International Cooperation
4. Discussion Topics
- Korea-UIS cooperation in educational statistics: Appointment of Korean Counterpart
- Korea-UIS cooperation in Learning Metrics Task Force Project