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Educational Training Courses for Mongolian High-Level Policy Makers in Education
Korean Educational Development Institute trained Mongolian High-Level Policy Makers in Education from November 4th-11th, 2006. This Program was designed to introduce secondary educational policy, management and development planning in South Korea to Mongolian high-level policy makers in education.

For the program, we had lectures on 'Secondary Education in Korea', 'Curriculum and Evaluation', 'Directions for Development: Secondary School Teachers', and 'Education's Role for National Development' by lectures from KEDI, Korea Institute of Curriculum and Evaluation(KICE), and Seoul National University.

Moreover, KEDI opens various opportunities to experience Seoul Science High School, Seoul National University, Educational Broadcasting System (EBS), Korea Education and Research Information Service (KERIS), and some high-tech companies. Also participants had valuable chances to understand Korean culture more through the cultural visits.

It was a meaningful time for trainees and trainers. We achieved great success for exchanging ideas on future directions for the development of secondary education in Mongolia.