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2018 GDN Regional Research Evaluation Conference
KEDI held a conference on regional research evaluation under the Worldbank/ Global Development Network project on May 26-27, 2006 at the SEAMEO INNOTECH in Quezon City, Philippine. The international conference was co-organized by KEDI and SEAMEO INNOTECH.

The conference was composed of whole eight sessions. Researchers from eight research teams of the GDN AP-EPRI/KEDI Project made presentations on the current status of their projects. Their research covers education in various Asian-Pacific countries, including Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines. Also excellent feedbacks from discussants were followed from Philippine Ministry of Education. On the second day, there was policy discussion on the theme of “How to cooperate for development of secondary education in the South East Asia.”

We achieved great success for exchanging ideas and checking the progressive reports of researchers.

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