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ENERP Seminar on High School to College Transition
KEDI have been involved in Eight-Nations Education and Research Project(ENERP) since 2002. ENERP was initiated to provide an opportunity for eight member nations to explore new directions and tasks for education reform by sharing knowledge and experiences on educational policy. As its major research topics, ENERP is focusing on 4 key areas of education such as mathematics and science education, teacher training and retention, higher education, and high school to college transition that require global attention and collaboration.

During September 23-26, KEDI hosted ENERP Seminar on High School to College Transition at Sofitel Ambassador Seoul, Korea. Under the theme of High School to College Transition, invited experts from the member countries of ENERP presented each country’s current practices and problems related to high school to college transition. The Seminar provided an opportunity to suggest further research questions, a new methodology, and proposals for future.