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OECD/INES Network C Plenary Meeting
Korean Educational Development Institute (KEDI) hosted OECD/INES Network C Plenary meeting during November 18-20, 2003 at Seoul Hilton Hotel.

Network C is one of the three different group works conducted by Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) International Indicators of Education System (INES). The work of INES is carried out by three Networks (Network A, Network B, Network C), each of which has voluntary membership and is focused on a different charge.

Network C, chaired by the Netherlands, develops indicators on structures and processes of schools including staffing and locus of decision making. Traditionally, Network C has focused on developing indicators on teachers such as total instructional time, salaries, and working hours etc. In addition, Network C is playing an active role in developing indicators on curriculums such as school hours allocated for each subject. Experts from Network C member countries have had meetings twice a year to explore ways to improve current system-level indicators.

This Meeting provided an opportunity to exchange information for the development of new indicators on teachers and curriculum, but also an in-depth discussion on the relationship between indicators on educational system and indicators on teaching-learning such as students' educational achievement was elaborated.