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2002 KEDI-UNESCO Bangkok Joint Seminar on Early Childhood Care and Education
KEDI and UNESCO Bangkok held the 2002 KEDI-UNESCO Bangkok Joint Seminar and Study Tour on Early Childhood Care and Education. Since 2002, we attempt to focus on Dakar EFA goals with the participating countries working on their medium and long term national EFA plans of action.

The Objectives of the 2002 seminar are:

   - Review country situation and trends where ECCE, especially for the low-income families in Asia and the Pacific, is concerned;

   - Discuss policy issues and country strategies contributing to ECCE expansion and improvement;

   - Investigate practical experiences of the countries including the participant, NGOs, and practitioners to determine issues and challenges of ECCE; and

   - Discuss possible ways and means that will help the countries to progress towards their national ECCE goals.


In this Seminar, six country representatives from China, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam in the region participated in the country presentation of the seminar. In addition, 5 experts from KEDI, UNESCO Bangkok, National university of Singapore, Korean Ministry of Education and Human resources Development, and Duksung Women’s University in Korea participated in the seminar as round table presenters and resource persons.