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2012 Social Enterprise Week Ceremony
2012 Social Enterprise Week
July 1 [Sun.] - July 7 [Sat.]

Main Events:

- Social Enterprise Day
1. Date: July 2 [Mon.], 2012, 2 PM - 3 PM
2. Venue: COEX Hall B1
3. Events: Governmental award ceremony for the representatives of excellent social enterprises, performance of the youth choir of the drama “Qualification for a Man,” etc.

- The 1st Exposition of Social Enterprise
1. Date: July 1 [Sun.], 2012, 2 PM - 8 PM & July2 [Mon.], 2012, 10 AM - 6 PM
2. Venue: COEX Hall B1 & Swing Space (1F)
3. Events: Exhibition and promotion of the products of social enterprises, firsthand-experience program of social enterprise, social enterprises seminar, special lecture by Sung-Tae Kang (a representative from the drama “Master of Study”) and Yu-Sung Jeon who became a social enterpriser, Silver movie festival, cultural performance of Han-bit Performing Art Company that appeared in SBS’s “Stockings” show, young social enterpriser “H-On Dream Audition,” etc.

- 2012 Forum with the Leaders of Asian Social Enterprises (SELF ASIA with ASES 2012)
1. Date: July 3 [Tue.], 2012 - July 4 [Wed.]
2. Venue: Chonju Core Riviera Hotel/Jeonju Hanok Village
3. Events: International forum, Asian social enterprises fair, & Asian social enterprises boom up workshop

- Raising Social Enterprises Symposium
1. Date: July 5 [Thu.], 2012 2 PM - 5:30 PM
2. Venue: Function room, 2F/Lily Hall of Korea federation of small and medium business
3. Events: Discussion to establish the 2nd social enterprise-cultivation plan (’13-’17)

※ Firsthand-experience program for families is prepared.


※ Office of Administration, 2012 Social Enterprise Week: +82-31-697-7731

※ Hosts: Ministry of Employment and Labor, Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency, Korea Central Council of Social Enterprise, KNSE (national network for the vitalization of social enterprises)