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The 3rd KEDI-KAERA Joint International Symposium on Educational Policy
Greetings from Korean Educational Development Institute(KEDI)!
I am delighted to announce the opening of the KEDI & Korean-American Educational Researchers Association(KAERA)'s 3rd joint symposium in this 40th anniversary year of KEDI.

Recently, student delinquency, violence, and suicide are becoming serious educational issues in Korea. In order to get into prestigious colleges, students are neglecting sympathy and care for others and their social skills while competing for high grades. The interest in mental states of students are being lost as well. Although it is a little late, we should emphasize the importance of character education that enhances students' social skills and mental states in addition to academic achievement, and make various efforts in the sake of that.

There has been various efforts for the solutions considering the seriousness of the problems. Especially, policies to solve problems (i.e. alerting the field of school as well as citizens through the research on the current condition of violence in school) are being actively implemented. In addition to the actions in governmental level - actions such as the "Comprehensive measures to exterminate violence in school" - various discussions are held through seminars and public hearings.

In such circumstances, this joint symposium under the theme "Student Behaviors and School Violence" participated by Korean and American researchers will be a highly meaningful event. We will be able to learn from the implications of the experience of U.S. regarding student behaviors and school violence, and contribute to problem solution for school violence in a short run and to character education includent student mental health in a long run. We look forward to the participation and active discussion of anyone interested in this joint symposium that was designed as a part of our strive for the solution of school violence. Thank you.

- June, 2012.
Korean Educational Development Institue
President Tae-Wan Kim

1. Topic: "Student Behaviors and School Violence: Searching for Interventions"

2. Date: June 22 [Fri.], 2012, 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM

3. Venue: Main conference room (10F) of Korea Post in Seoul
- Address: Seoul Joong-goo So-gong-ro 70 (Chungmuro 1 Ga 21-1)
- Tel: 02-6450-1114
- Fax: 02-6450-1139

4. Host: Korean Educational Development Institute (KEDI) & Korean-American Educational Researchers Association (KAERA)

5. Contact: Kyung-Eun Chae at Division of Research Planning of KEDI
- Tel: 02-3460-0308
- E-mail:

※ The symposium will be broadcasted live through
※ Please see the attachment regarding the schedule of the symposium.