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The Supervision through School Consulting
Efforts to improve schools should start from teachers and schools themselves. This is because no educational reform policy can be successful without schools themselves being reformed. School consulting is the method that enables "Educational Reform from Bottom Up!" As local offices of education go through reorganization, the supervision through school consulting is gradually becoming the main activity of local offices of education that aims to support schools and teachers. This seminar is a place for sharing case studies of the supervision through school consulting that has been spread throughout the educaion field in fast speed, and for discussing various problems that occur from the process of implementation. We hope that the supervision through school consulting conveys new energy to the education field, and we ask for your participation to this place of the hope of education. Thank you.
- June, 2012. President Tae-Wan Kim of Korean Educational Development Institute

1. Date: June 21 [Thu.], 2012, 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM

2. Venue: Main conference room of aT Center (in Yangjae, Seoul)

3. Host: Korean Educational Development Institute