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2010 KOREA-OECD International Seminar
1. Title: Globalization and Linguistic Competences: Sharing experiences across borders

2. Background and Objectives

- OECD’s analysis and recommendations on education in the globalized society have been highly valued by Korean educational authorities in facilitating further dialogue and discussion regarding better language education for the rapidly changing world.
- It has been recognized that OECD’s accumulated experiences and knowledge on language education can be used to establish and execute national language education policy.
- Result-sharing and dissemination of the GLC(globalization and linguistic competences) project will help the participant countries enhance the availability and utilization of the research findings, diagnose the current status of their foreign language education, and devise strategies to bring about change.
- Through the seminar we share ideas and knowledge on the relations between languages and cultures, and various linguistic opportunities and challenges. It will be informative and useful for language education-related policy-makers, researchers, teachers, parents and students.

3. Date: Thursday~Friday, 21-22 October, 2010

4. Venue:Conference Room, KICE, Seoul, Republic of Korea

5. Organizers

This seminar is co-hosted by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology(MEST), the Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation(KICE) and the Korean Educational Development Institute (KEDI).

6. Language: English

7. Expected Outcome

- Dissemination and diffusion of the results of the OECD research projects
- Establishment of the collaborative global research network, seeking for better language education for all concerned