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2010 KEDI-KAERA Joint Symposium
2010 KEDI-KAERA Joint Symposium

1. Background and Objectives

Hoping to seek for definite solutions to overcome Korea’s pending academic issues through collecting and utilizing a wide range of academic data which will be attained through an active discussion and sharing of the Korean American scholars’ professional ideas and knowledge on education, and their personal work experiences. In this way, this joint symposium will encourage the Korean educational policies to be established based on more firm and clear reasons and necessities by exploring the prior cases of data-based policy and decision making processes.

2. Date: Wednesday 23 June 2010, 09:00 - 18:00

3. Venue: Conference room in the Korea Press Center, 19th floor

4. Title: School Accountability Policies and the Use of Academic Achievement Data

5. Organizer and Sponsor

○ Organizer: Korean Educational Development Institute(KEDI) and Korean-American Educational Research Association(KAERA)

○ Sponsor: Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology