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2009 Korea-OECD International Seminar
[2009 Korea-OECD International Seminar entitled "New Millennium Learners and Teachers"]

- Registration: email Office of International Cooperation at
or fax at 02-3460-156
- Registration Deadline: Thursday, October 12th
- Registration Fee: Free

1. Background and Objectives
OECD’s analysis and recommendations on Korean education have been highly valued by Korean authorities in facilitating further dialogue and discussion regarding better solutions for future improvement.
Accumulated experiences and knowledge of OECD are useful to establish and execute national policy. Sharing and benchmarking educational information of OECD members lays groundwork for searching ways and devices of South Korea’s educational development.
Result-sharing and dissemination of co-research projects with OECD heightens the availability and utilization of research results, diagnoses current status of South Korea’s education, and seeks its next steps to advance.

2. Date: Wednesday, 14 October, 2009

3. Venue: Hotel, Seoul KyoYuk MunHwa HoeKwan, Republic of Korea

4. Seminar Title: The New Millennium Learners and Teachers

5. Organizer
The principal organizer is the Korean Educational Development Institute (KEDI), with support and sponsorship from the Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, OECD, Intel Korea.

6. Language
The official working languages for the seminar are English and Korean providing simultaneous interpretation.

7. Speakers
- Keynote speech: “Role of CERI and OECD perspectives with respect to future educational innovation”
 Speaker: Mr. Dirk Van Damme (Head of CERI)

- Presentation 1: “Outcome of PISA and its implication for South Korea”
 Speaker: Kyeong-Hee Kim (KICE)

 - Presentation 2: “Future learners and educational achievement”
 Speaker: Prof. Myeung Hee Kang (Educational Technology, Ehwa Womans University)

 - Presentation 3: “Result of TALIS project and its implication for South Korea”
 Speaker: Ben Jensen (Analyst of TALIS)

 - Presentation 4: “Role of teachers and pre-teachers to foster the future learners”
 Speaker: Prof. Anne Ottenbreit Leftwich (Indiana University)

8. Audience
The prospective audience will amount to 200 including teachers, teacher unions, school administrators, professors, researchers, central and regional education policy makers, parents, parent groups and communities.

9. Expected Outcome and Utilization
Dissemination and diffusion of the results of co-research projects with OECD
Catalyst effect and groundwork to establish medium and long-term strategies of OECD projects and international education cooperation projects