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KJEP, Incorporated into the SSCI
Recently, the KEDI Journal of Educational Policy (KJEP) of the Korean Educational Development Institute (KEDI) achieved official recognition by the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI). This is a momentous accomplishment for KJEP to be incorporated into the SSCI Index, signifying the successful progress for Korea in the field of educational research and development.

The Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) is an interdisciplinary citation database which covers a wide range of disciplines and offers the world’s leading journals of social sciences. SSCI provides reliable and credible scholarly data and information (analysis of trends, journals and researchers, and the sharing of findings) for the field of research and academia world-wide.

The Korean Educational Development Institute released its first issue of the KEDI Journal of Educational Policy (KJEP) in the December of 2004. Since its first release, KJEP continues to make significant contributions within the area of educational research and development through the provision of scholarly articles and reports. The scope of KJEP has expanded immensely incorporating international research projects including other Asian countries, America, and Africa. The purpose of KJEP is to improve the accessibility to credible and reliable research as well as acting as a forum to critically engage in issues surrounding educational policy and practice. The contributors and readers of KJEP include policy-makers, researchers, practitioners, and students in education, not only within Korea, but across the globe.

There are a total of 171 education-related journals cited by the Social Sciences Citation Index, and from this total, KEDI is the first ‘research institute’ to be accepted into the database through the recognition of KJEP. The ‘KEDI’ Journal of Educational Policy is only one of three educational journals, amongst Harvard Educational Review and Oxford Review of Education, to be supported by SSCI that includes the institutions name. SSCI will begin supporting KJEP starting from KJEP Volume 4(1).

The inclusion of KJEP into SSCI will prove to be beneficial for Korean scholars as well as international academics for the opportunity to share and exchange research and ideas on an international scale.